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Thanks for connecting with us here at The Equipping Center from The Worship Studio! We're really glad you're here because our heart is to help creative people just like you get inspired, grow and thrive as an artist in the Kingdom!

The Founding of The Worship Studio
Back in 2009, after a series of dreams and visions, our founder Matt Tommey formed The Worship Studio as an international movement committed to raising up an army of artists to reveal God's Glory in the earth. Central to that vision are 4 signposts that we center our life and ministry around. They include wholeness of the artist, skill development, collaborating with the Holy Spirit in the creative process and creative community among artists. Today this vision is resonating with literally hundreds of artists around the world as we join with the Holy Spirit in this movement of Kingdom Creativity.

Unlocking of the Heart of the Artist
Along the way, we realized that we were moving into uncharted waters and frankly there wasn't a whole lot out there to help artists flow with the Holy Spirit in their creative expression at a high level of skill development, much less talking about the deep heart issues many artists struggle with and the huge need for creative community.  Out of that need to help give some understanding and perspective on what God was doing in the earth through creative expression and raising up an army of artists, Matt wrote his first book "Unlocking the Heart of the Artist".  This book quickly went around the world as artists began to connect with the vision.  However, this was only the beginning.  Soon an Experience Guide and online class were developed and before we knew it, there were artists from all around the world connecting online, experiencing healing community and becoming unlocked to the creative destiny the Father had for their life.  We knew God was up to something.

The Birth of The Equipping Center
Soon people began to ask for more resources on marketing, healing, community, creative techniques, connecting with the Spirit in the creative process and much, much more.  As our team prayed about the direction and listened to the voice of the Lord, we realized that there needed to be an online hub, a platform where artists could login 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world and get teaching, encouragement, vision and equipping for their calling as Kingdom artists. We began to realize that we can provide training and an equipping program for artists simultaneously across the globe via media. Just imagining the benefit of providing the same training to someone in Australia as we are facilitating locally in North Carolina caused our hearts to swell with the excitement and vision of truly training an army of artists to reveal his glory in the earth. The result of this prayer and vision is the website you find yourself on right now, The Equipping Center from The Worship Studio. 

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Being Equipped with a Connection to Thrive
Membership in the Equipping Center is not just about what you get though, it's about connection. When you connect with The Equipping Center from The Worship Studio you're saying that what we do is important, it's valuable and that more people need to hear it! You're saying "I believe in God's call on this ministry to go to the nations and raise up an army of artists" and you support that  call in a very real way.  Bottom line, The Equipping Center is about partnership and moving together as one movement, in unity toward seeing the Glory of the Lord cover the earth through the creative expression of His artists!

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